You Are Not Alone In This

You Are Not Alone In This

I see you

My love, I see you there. Watching, waiting, reading the words I write. Speaking to your soul as if I were telling your life story too… our paths, eerily similar. My life mirroring yours.

And you wonder how I do it. How do I take all that I have been through? All that I have survived? All that I have lost?

How am I standing here. Now. Speaking from the deepest parts of my soul.

Putting into words the tragic stories of my past, instead of letting them die with the memories.

Because, my love, this isn’t about me. It’s about you. It’s about showing you that there is life beyond your current reality.

You want to be happy

And maybe you’ve thought it could be better. You want to be happy — but you don’t know how anymore. This is about showing you that healing is possible.

That life doesn’t have to be THIS hard.

That everything your heart desires is within reach, if you will open yourself  up to it. Because I want you to have another chance, like I got another chance.

Because this life — if you allow it to be — is glorious and beautiful and amazing and vibrant and peaceful.

If you allow it to be.

If you allow yourself to be open to it.

Day in and day out doesn’t have to be a struggle.

Getting out of bed doesn’t have to be a struggle.

Staying present with your children doesn’t have to be a struggle.

The housework, the chauffeuring, the meal planning, the grocery shopping, the bill paying, the relationships — none of it has to be a struggle.

The finances, the responsibilities, the dr appointments, the playdates — it doesn’t have to be a struggle.

You can choose a new way

Breathe, my love. You can choose a new way.

You can choose to see things differently.

You can choose to think differently.

You can choose to live differently.

And I know this may sound completely ridiculous and far-fetched and you may be thinking this lady’s lost her damn mind…

…I used to think and feel the same way, my love.

Until one day, I didn’t want to feel the way I’ve always felt anymore. And something happened.

I started to change.

Something in my soul shifted.

I started reading books I’d never even think of reading before.

I started following people on social media I’d never think of following before.

I sought out help I’d never even thought of before.

I built and strengthened relationships I never had before.

And I learned to accept help. And ask for help. Because I shouldn’t have to do it on my own anymore. I didn’t want to do it on  my own anymore.

Sure, my work has to be done within, to recognize my fears, insecurities, worries and doubts.

…to understand

…to forgive myself for holding on to the pain for this long

…to allow healing

…to allow growth

…to try new things

…to try new ways of being and showing up in the world.

And yes, it’s still hard for me to ask for help, but I’m doing it anyway.

And you know what? It’s really not that scary.

And if I’m told that the person can’t help me — guess what?! I’m okay too!

Because I can still do.

I am still capable.

I know the strength that lives inside.

I know that what I have gone through and experienced in this life has never been more than I could ever handle.

And it’s the same for you, love.

Your hardships always have a way out.

You are never given anything in this life without also being given a way out.

If only you’ll hold on.

And trust

And know there is a reason for this.

There always is.

You are right where you need to be.

You are right where you are supposed to be.

You are loved, so infinitely loved and supported.

By all that surrounds you.

Take a moment

Take a moment, right now, wherever you’re at. Wherever you’re reading this.

Stop. Take a moment. Close your eyes and take a slow, deep breath in. Hold it for a moment and release. Breathe it out slowly.

Allow yourself to be present in this moment. Think of all that you have right now — the relationships, your partner, your children, your family, your home, your very best friend, see your childhood, the innocence, the fun times, the holidays, all of it.

Think of all the times in your life where you have felt truly blessed and excited.

And feel the feelings of gratitude wash over you.

See your children’s smiling faces looking up at you. Feel their security in you. You are their protector, mama.

You are their guide. You are who they look to in navigating this big world.

You mama, you have 1 single job in this entire lifetime right now.

And that is to take care of you.

To heal you.

To love you.

So that you can be your very best for them.

And this will spill into every other area of your life. You will begin to see the world in a new way.

Just try this. Every day, for a few moments. Especially when you’re starting to feel the weight of the world. Just take a few moments to yourself. Even first thing in the morning, while the house is still quiet and everyone is still sleeping.

Take a few moments to yourself. Quiet your mind and breathe. Breathe in all the good in your life right now. Breathe out and release the worries and anxieties from the day before.

And think of 3 things you are grateful for. For just a minute or two.

That’s all it takes. To open your heart to a new way. To open your mind to the possibilities.

And mama, I’m here for you. The universe is here for you.

You are not alone in this.

From my soul to yours. xo, Amy

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