You Are Worthy Of Infinite Love

You Are Worthy Of Infinite Love


how do they make you feel?

Good? Awkward? Caught off guard? Fucking amazing? Intimidated? Stressed? Like you just want to run away from the other person?

Yep… me too. To all of the above and more.

You see, I’m a healer. A happy maker. I try to make others feel more comfortable in my presence than I am in theirs.

My happiness comes from making others happy. It brings me joy to sacrifice my own needs for the needs of another… sometimes to a fault. But that’s another story.

Compliments used to be so hard. I would feel so awkward when someone would compliment my appearance, something I did, something I wore, etc.

And I would never know what to say! I’d brush it off like it was no big deal and quickly change the subject.

And not because I wasn’t grateful. Not because it wasn’t true and genuine. And not because I didn’t appreciate the recognition.

I didn’t want the attention

It was because I simply didn’t want the attention on myself. Like I didn’t deserve it. That I wasn’t worthy of it. That it should be for someone else.

How dare someone look at me and think good things about me!

Even though deep down that’s exactly what I was craving.

Messed up right? Would you ever want your daughter to feel like she wasn’t worthy of a genuine compliment? Me either.

Until I learned a trick years ago that made it a little bit easier to accept a compliment. A simple 2 word phrase that would change it all for me.

I could accept the compliment and in turn not make a weird comment or make the other person feel just as awkward as me.

That trick was just 2 words. Thank you. A simple thank you and a smile.

This tells the other person that you appreciate them. That you accept their compliment. That you appreciate the gesture. That you accept the connection even if it’s a total stranger.

And it’s okay! Maybe you needed to hear it. Maybe you were having a hard day/week/month/year. Maybe you’re too caught up in your moment of whatever you were doing.

Your soul needed to hear it

And maybe, just maybe, your soul needed to hear it.

Because it IS about you. It’s a moment that the universe is using to confirm to you that you are in fact special.

Because if they felt compelled to compliment you, then it is true for them. And it is true for you.

Maybe you have a hard time believing other people because you don’t believe it about yourself… and you should.

Always believe the good stuff. Because you are good. You are worthy of a compliment. You are worthy of being recognized. You are worthy of support.

You are worthy of infinite love.

The universe is devoted to you and will create opportunities for you to be devoted to yourself too.

So the next time someone gives you a compliment, no matter what it is. Go ahead and stop for a moment, take a breath, hear what they said and say “thank you”.

That’s it… simple as that. Thank you.

Don’t over-analyze. Don’t try to counter it with something negative or downplay it. I know you know what I’m talking about!

Just simply accept it.

Thank you.

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