We Rise As One

We Rise As One

Meditations ground me

My morning meditations have become such a grounding experience for me. It’s the only time in my day I can be fully present with myself and focus on my own needs, solely and completely.

Before the sun, I rise around 4:00 am. Not because I have to, but because I choose to. It is the gift I give to myself on a daily basis which then allows me to be more present and calm throughout the day.

Because being at home with toddlers has made me realize how much we, as women, as moms, lack in our self-care.

This is my self-care ritual. Daily. My non-negotiable.

I am calm. I am grounded. I set myself up for peaceful days. And I have noticed that I am able to handle stress better.

I do not wait for the bedtime to have a glass of wine. I no longer count down the hours, minutes, seconds until bedtime.

I actually, no longer have a desire to wine to escape or relieve the stress. Cause really, the stress isn’t even there anymore.

And even since I’ve added my daily Reiki practices along with meditations, I have even more patience with my children and I am more present with them.

And I allow our days to flow.

I still love structure and routine, but I’m seeming to be more in flow with life.

The house may be a mess, but I’m not stressed about it.

The kids drive me bananas, but I don’t lose my shit as often.

I have reached another level of Zen AF and it. feels. amazing!

I don’t look to worldly ways of releasing. I have learned to turn within, to ask myself questions, to turn to my journal, to turn to meditation, to turn to Reiki, to figure out the root cause.

Then I know.

Then I can release.

Then I can grow.

I reach a new level of understanding.

Of knowing. Of being able to serve my purpose.

I am able to show up in ways I never have before. And I am excited!

…about life.

…about my future.

…about the lives I am helping to change all around me.

…about watching my family change and grow with me. every. fucking. day.

I am happier. They are happier. The fighting has dissipated. The war within our beings has calmed.

My personal war and vendetta with the world has fallen away.

And it’s just me standing here. No mask. No facade. No worries about what others might think or feel.

And I am supported.

100%. Completely. Divinely supported.

And I step forward in faith.

And I step forward with Grace.

And I step forward with MASSIVE FUCKING GRATITUDE that I am still here.

Alive. Breathing. Living. Dreaming. Learning. Growing.

This year has been a complete overhaul of my entire existence and somehow, it feels like this is only the beginning.

I have only scratched the surface of who I am and who I can be.

Once bound by the shackles that kept me prisoner in my own mind, that is no longer the story of me.

This is no longer the story of my life.

It is now a mere blip of who I used to be.

A chapter of my story. A moment in time that no longer gets to define who I am.

Today I am free.

A new story being written in the pages of these journals, my most raw and vulnerable and authentic self.

And yet, I go deeper. I continue to explore. Layer by layer. Letting go of what surfaces. Letting go of what comes up.

Blessing that part of my life that protected me for so long.

Observing my stories with gentle kindness and compassion for who I used to be.

And I release.

I change the story. I apologize to myself. I forgive myself. I release myself.

I allow the weights to be lifted. I am lighter. My light shines brighter.

I touch the souls of thousands.

And I know.

I am exactly where I’m supposed to be.

I am who I was always meant to be.

I am doing the work I was always meant to do.

I have woken from my human slumber. A spiritual being having a human experience.

In this beautiful world, I see now the cracks and flaws and humanness of it all.

And I have faith, because I know, it won’t be this way forever.

We are all being led back home. One by one, waking up to our missions and purposes in the here and now.

So many of us walking in the light. And I have hope.

What is unfolding before my very eyes.

Beautiful. Peaceful. Exquisite. Divine.

We are all one, connected at the soul level. And we are rising up.

And you are ready too, my love.

I love you.

From my soul to yours,

xo, Amy

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