We Are Meant For More

We Are Meant For More

I found this post sitting in my drafts from February 24, 2017 and for whatever reason, I never hit publish.

I have no idea why and as I read through it, I remember exactly where I was at then. Even though it was only about 4.5 months ago… I can see how much I’ve changed since then.

How much I’ve grown.

How much I’ve accomplished.

And now, how much is still ahead of me.

This is a journey that’s never ending. I am still learning and evolving and growing. And I can’t wait to experience the future written chapters of my life just to be able to look back on and read them one day again.

Love and light my friends!

Have you ever felt a nudge, a voice, something inside that just needs to get out?

Me too! And I’ve learned to listen. I’ve learned to let it guide me. Every moment of every day, it speaks to me. And when I follow, something amazing always happens!

We all have a message.

A gift. Something to send out into the world to inspire; to spark hope and change in another life, on a soul level.

It is now my mission is to spark that light, ignite that fire within someone else… even if it’s just one person. My job is to create hope, for change. To help others fully realize their true potential and what gifts they are to use in service to others as well.

When you hear your calling, you are to act on it right then and there. Do not wait for the right time or the right moment. You have to create that moment and have faith that the Universe and God will work it out.

I’ve lived my whole life believing that there was a plan, a certain road, a specific path that needed to be followed in order to be “successful”. 

But what does success really mean? 

Does it mean money in the bank that you don’t get to enjoy because you’re so busy busting your ass at a job that leaves you exhausted and unfulfilled?

Or does it mean that you’re spending every waking moment working towards a goal you set for yourself? Hoping one day you’ll strike that great idea that will set you up for the rest of your life?

Does it mean spending time with your loved ones, but not really being present because you’re so worried about that past due bill on the counter?

Honestly? I don’t know what success looks like for you. Or anyone else for that matter.

All I know is what success looks like for me… but then I won’t really know until I’m living it.

Yes, I have an idea of what it could be. Of what I hope it to be. And I’m working towards that now. But it could change. What’s right for me today may not be right for me tomorrow. And that’s because I am constantly changing, evolving, learning, growing.

Today success means being able to go to the grocery store and not worry about staying within a specific budget because I only have $20 left in the bank. 

It means saying yes, and spending time with my kids and being present in their lives. I am beyond blessed to be home with them. 

I am also blessed with a higher calling.

A calling to serve. A calling that if I follow the path in my heart, my family and home will be provided for.

Now I know this may sound a little far out to some of you, but I’m hoping it will resonate or at least spark a new idea in most of you. Be a skeptic, so was I at first. I used to think that I made the rules, that I could create my destiny, that it was up to me to make my way in the world.

I found out that none of this is true. Reality is what you make if it. It’s what you believe it to be. It’s what you believe it can be.

I am not a sheep.

I am an outcast, a misfit, a rebel. I don’t fall in line with the crowd… even though I may hang out there for a while. I am someone who has always made her own way, searching for “home” in my work, something somewhere that I wouldn’t get bored with or lose interest in in 10 minutes.

Today I’m following my true calling. I am reaching out to each and every one of you… right here, right now, today, in this moment.

You were meant to read these words. You were meant to feel these words. And I was meant to communicate this idea to you so that you may, even if it’s just a twinge or a quiet whisper in your soul, know that you and I are to be connected.

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