The World Needs You

The World Needs You

Life is funny in the moments of reaction.

I am learning to step back and observe. To replay events and watch as they unfold.

There is ALWAYS a deeper story than what we see and experience on the surface and in those moments.

It’s when we turn inward and allow the truth to surface, that we see what is really going on — and it always seems to be a fear.

A fear of change. A fear of the unknown. A fear of losing the one person that has been holding you up.

When in all reality — you should be holding yourself up.

When you are grounded in your truth, you don’t look outside yourself for validation and love. You have already given that to yourself.

No — the people in your life are there to enrich your life. To show you new ways of being.

To honor you.

To support you.

To love you unconditionally just as you are.

You build your own foundation on your truth, your beliefs, your destiny.

You are not to build your foundation on someone else’s truth.

Do not burden them with your shit.

Deal with your shit so that they can love you, the core you. On a soul level.

To complement the other.

To challenge each other.

To grow together.

To build on your foundational truth.

To give and receive with open hearts.

To love unconditionally. To always love unconditionally. To only love unconditionally.

To ALWAYS love unconditionally.

To ONLY love unconditionally.

That kind of love will transcend any obstacle.

Be the other’s greatest ally.

THAT is what the world needs more of.


Unconditional love.

For yourself. For each other.


The world.

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