The Truth About You

The Truth About You

Compassion used to be my greatest weakness. It is now becoming my greatest strength.

I used to never be able to trust my own intuition. It always seemed to lead me astray.

But that’s not true. It wasn’t true then and it’s even more untrue today.

Because it was never my intuition that led me wrong.

It was me. It was my ego. It was my fears. It was my insecurities. It was my human mind and my human conditions that made it so I couldn’t trust myself.

I constantly made wrong decisions that I believed to be right at the time.

Following the wrong crowd. Desperate to find acceptance.

Love. Trust. Friends. Family.

I fell into what everyone else wanted of me

My view was so skewed that I fell into what everyone else wanted of me.

If only I act this way, people will like me.

If I am this person, people will like me.


All of that was lies I was telling myself because I was searching for something outside myself to make me feel better about how I was feeling on the inside.

Alone. Afraid. Unloved. Cast out. Detached. Crazed. Desperate.

Mixed with the determination that I didn’t really need anyone else. Ever.

So I kept people at arm’s length. Leaving them before they could leave me. Don’t get too intimate. Don’t give myself fully. Don’t open up to who I really am.

And I hid all of me from myself more than anyone else.

Because above all else, I couldn’t even trust myself.

To make the right decisions. To be around the right people. To have the right friends. To put myself in safe situations.

To love.

I couldn’t even love myself!

I’ll be 36 this year and I’ve barely scratched the surface of discovering who Amy is at her core.

I am observing my history

I am observing my history. The stories I’ve been telling myself to keep me safe. To keep me protected. To keep me from getting too close to the truth. The truth that I locked away so many years ago.

Decades of denial.


Emotional warfare.

The truth that I am, in fact… special.

I am unique.

I have gifts.

I have a soul.

And now I have a message.

I have a message that it’s never too late. It’s never too early. It’s always the right time.

To do. This. Work.

To do the inner work

To do the inner work. The soul-searching. To stop looking to the world for validation and acceptance. That everything you’ve been looking for. Searching for. Desiring. Wanting. Waiting for.

Is right there.

Right in front of you.

This whole time.

But I couldn’t see it. And maybe, you still can’t see it either?

The truth. About you. That you are gifted. More than you know.

There is something so special and so uniquely you that just wants you to see it.

To discover it

To uncover it

Dig it up. Unbury it. Bring it to the surface.

To keep you safe

For you to see. To experience. To bathe in. To envelope you. To hold you. To keep you safer than you were ever able to before.

To be shared with the world in only the way you know how.

I know it sounds crazy and I used to think so too. But not now. Not anymore. I can see clearly now how my entire life unfolded.

How everything I’ve done and gone through has brought me right here.

Right now.

Exactly where I need to be.

To experience the growth. The change. My evolution. My enlightenment. My purpose.

To show you that it IS possible for you.

If it’s possible for me…

If it’s possible for me — a depressed/suicidal/addict/alcoholic/user/selfish/unworthy/ungrateful/waste of space (yes, I did see myself that way) — then it’s absolutely possible for you too.

Your age has nothing to do with it. It’s a choice. A decision to be made. By getting quiet, tapping into Source/Spirit/God/Angels/Universe/insert your belief system here, gently observing and asking your higher self how you need to proceed.

It all lies in your decision. There is power in what you choose to do from here. Whether that’s continuing to be who you’ve always been, knowing there is more to you, a deeper connection you can have with yourself.

Or choose.

Choose to take a look, just a little peek at what could be. The possibility that you can be…


…from your internal prison

…from the stories that keep you stuck

…from the self-sabotage

…from the emotional warfare


…to love fully and completely

…to stand strong in your convictions

…to be you

Unapologetically you


…to step into your power. Your greatness

…to step into love.

To be love. Because. You are love. Infinite love.

You were created by love. You were born from love. Your soul desires love.

You. Are. Love.

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