The Shift In My Consciousness

The Shift In My Consciousness

I have changed.

On a subconscious level, I have changed.

There has been a shift in my knowing and I trust the process.

Even though my ego is screaming at me that this couldn’t possibly have worked.

I know.

And I trust.

And I believe.

And the next 21 days will show my ego.

Will silence my ego.

Will move me forward in my rebirth. My renewal. My transformation.

As I move through my energetic detox.

And as I practice, as with anything I’ve ever done

…playing the saxophone

…learning and excelling in gymnastics

…exploding in the mortgage industry

…creating a new way of living through fitness and nutrition

…losing 80 and then 70 pounds after having my children

…overcoming debilitating grief

…discovering conviction in my sobriety

…developing a meditation practice

…grounding in my spiritual practice

…mastering my mindset

…learning on the job how this whole mom thing works

…holding onto faith

All. Of. It.

I will get stronger.

I will gain the confidence I know I have.

It is all a muscle that needs training, to be worked daily.

To become grounded in it.

For it to become a natural extension of myself.

For it to become ingrained in my daily life.

To integrate it.

I am one with it.

This is my new life.

My chosen life.

The path that was laid out for me.

To follow the callings of my soul.

To KNOW this is what I am meant to do.

To be the light.

I am the light.

I am guiding both me and you home.

To be grounded and centered in everything.

All things.

We are one.

We are collectively the same yet individual as fuck.

My experience will never be yours.

Yours will never be mine.

Yet we are here together.

You guiding me.

Me guiding you.

We are one.

We are whole.

We are the light.

The new way.

We are in our time of healing.

A time of growth.

And we are to receive our miracles.

Look around you…

Through the tragedies and despair.

The wars and the chaos.

It is time, love, for us to rise and be the light.

The Divine Feminine.

We rise together. Collectively. As a whole. As one.

From my soul to yours,

xo, Amy

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