The Decision That Forever Changed My Life

The Decision That Forever Changed My Life

The Decision That Forever Changed My Life

4 years ago I DECIDED to become a mom.

It was a choice I made. And with that choice came responsibility… a responsibility I could never imagine.

Sure, I was going to raise a human and I’d never done that before… but women have been placed in this role since the beginning of time, right?

I do not take this role lightly, it is THE most important job I will EVER have.

Holding humanity’s future in MY hands, it is my responsibility to raise honest, caring, compassionate, loving, respectful future leaders.

Our children hold OUR futures in THEIR hands so it’s up to US to raise them in a way WE want to be treated in 30-50 years (maybe even less!)

Come on… in the grand scheme, it’s really not that far away!

My responsibilities to my children are just that… RESPONSIBILITIES.

My daughter was born with a clean slate, an open mind and a loving heart. I am to fill her cup with love, respect, honor and pride.

It is up to me, as her mother, to guide her, to make her feel worthy, how to show love for her peers, and how to show mercy and grace in all situations.

It up to me to create a space that helps her to BELIEVE she can do or be anything she wants… without judgement and without me or anyone else holding her back from her true potential.

I will shield her when I need to, but I won’t keep the truth of the world from her. I am open to discussion and will do MY BEST to steer her in the right direction.

Because that is who I am.
I am Mom.
I am her mom.
And it is my JOB to be present in her life.

I dream that one day I hear her whisper…

“Thank you mama, you never stopped believing in me. Thank you for your guidance and your encouraging words. Thank you for loving me as I am”

To all my friends out there raising little humans… ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ to you!

It’s not an easy job, but we sure as shit drag our asses out of bed everyday to do the hardest job in the world!

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