Stop The Blame Game



And I say this in the most loving way possible, promise.

Look… we’ve all been wronged. We’ve all been talked down to. We’ve all been picked on at one point or another – whether it was by a friend, a sibling, a parent, your weird uncle, the cousin that looks at you funny, the bully that lived down the street, the mean girls, the privileged guys, who the fuck ever!

Someone at some point in your life made you feel like you were less of a person. That you didn’t belong. That you weren’t good enough for them. And you’re still carrying that with you today.

Those memories are burned so deep in your soul that you base every relationship you’ve had since then on those experiences.

Maybe a parent wasn’t there for you in the way you needed, so you choose the emotionally unavailable guy.

Or you watched your dad hit your mom once or twice, so you think it won’t happen again to you. And you stay.

Or you were terrorized by the kids in school so you feel safer not having friends, so you keep to yourself and rarely leave the house.

Or a million other things that are holding you back and keeping you paralyzed in your fear of not feeling lovable.

Well, it’s time for you to stop fucking blaming everyone else, all those people, for being where you’re at today.

Because you’re a grown up now and you have a choice.

You have a voice.

You have the opportunity to grow from those experiences. You have the opportunity to HELP someone else through this pain. Because it’s not serving you to just let it be. Eating away at you. Keeping you from opening up to those who truly care about you. Who want to see you happy.

And I know YOU WANT to be happy! You want to be out there! Having fun, living life.

EXPERIENCING all the wonderful things in this world. The sun shining on your face. The ocean breeze in your lungs. Visiting foreign lands. The dew-kissed grass between your toes. Mother fucking nature coursing through your veins.

NOT sitting in the bar drinking your life away.Not Netflixing every chance you get, stuffing your face with whatever poison-laden shit in a bag you grab at the grocery store.

Not Netflixing every chance you get, stuffing your face with whatever poison-laden shit in a bag you grab at the grocery store.

And you certainly don’t need to eat your way through that giant tub of ice cream every night either. Yeah, I’ve done that. And all it did was help me to get to over 200 pounds.

What I’m saying is… YOU FUCKING MATTER, love!

Your story matters. The events in your life DO matter! And you don’t have to be stuck in those stories.

You don’t HAVE to hold onto all that pain that you think keeps you safe.

Cause it doesn’t.

It’s eating you up inside. It’s consuming you on all levels of your being.

You’re miserable and you treat others miserably and then… they don’t want to be around you anymore.

They move on because they think they can’t help you.

It’s too much for them and their energy.

People left me all the time because my shit was too heavy for them. I was too much. Too broken. Unsavable.

And they couldn’t help me anyway. I had to stand the fuck up and help myself.

I had to stand up and fight for my own life. Cause that’s the only person who could help me change. I had to decide that I was WORTHY of a happy life. I had to DECIDE that I was worthy of more.


I had to show the world how much I loved myself so I could let the world in and love me too.

And now I get to love you.

I mean, I alway have. That’s the one thing I’ve been able to do throughout my whole life, through every trauma, through every blow life threw at me.

I have always had the capacity to love, unconditionally, everyone else more than myself.

And while I do still have massively huge love to give to the world, to you… I now have balance. I am able to love myself just as much as I love you. Maybe even more.

Because I actually care about myself now. More than ever. And it IS possible for you too.

How can it not be?

You weren’t born or created to be sad and miserable and angry all the time. You were placed on this planet to love. So big and so massive that your light shines in all the dark corners.

That the darkness has to shrink down and away from you. And that light is meant to only grow bigger and brighter every day.

So… will you choose you today?

Will you choose to shift just 1 teeny tiny thing to begin your healing journey?

And then do that 1 thing every day? And then choose 1 more thing every week to shift?

It can be a commitment to your health.

It can be to choose a new thought.

It can be to choose to look at yourself differently in the morning – through the eyes of love instead of disgust.

Compliment yourself – what is one thing you do love about yourself?

And then write a gratitude list.

Write down 3 things you’re grateful for today. Right now. And do that every night before you go to bed.

And smile. Smile at everyone you see today. Even if they don’t smile back. Just smile even bigger. You never know, they may be having the shittiest day of their life and you were

You never know, they may be having the shittiest day of their life and you were the only one who smiled at them today. And you know what? They’ll remember that. They’ll get to their car and wonder what made you so damn happy today.

Just do these little things every day and you’ll start to feel better.

You’ll start to feel bigger shifts in other areas. Because these seemingly small things will create a ripple effect in your core that flows into every area of your life.

Just try it.

Give yourself a week. If it doesn’t, come back and tell me I’m full of shit. I can take it now. Because I’m coming from a place of love. And I want nothing more than to see you love too.

Fully. Completely. Unconditionally. The world needs you. You ARE special. There is no one in the world that can be you.

And your soul is crying out.

Free yourself. Release. You are safe.

I love you.

From my soul to yours,

xo, Amy

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