No Soul Left Behind

No Soul Left Behind

I face a lot of resistance every day

I face a lot of resistance every day and I have always fallen into it. It has been so easy for me to just fall back into old habits and old patterns.

But not anymore. I am done with that. That kind of life no longer serves me. I am on a new path. A new way of thinking. A new way of being. A new way of believing. An entire new world has opened up for me and I can’t even go back to who I used to be.




Knowing in my heart and soul and every fiber of my being – that I was meant for more. A more full life. A life of freedom. A life filled with support. A life I have only ever dreamt of.

A life I can see that’s possible for me. A life that’s possible for my family.

It’s. Right. There.

I can feel it. Touch it. Taste it. Smell it. I live it. I breathe it. I know it’s mine. I know it’s coming. All the cosmic forces are conspiring to bring to me exactly what I am asking for.

If only I will listen. Not with my ears, but with my soul. My heart. The faint whisper that beckons me in my moments of silence. When the house is quiet. And my children are sleeping soundly. The call, it beckons to me. Awakens me. Ever so faint at first, only to get louder the more I ignore it.

A direct connection to Spirit. Source. Guiding my thoughts. And I move into this trance.

I put pen to paper and the words come flowing out of me and I have no way of stopping until the last word is written. I watch as my pen glides across the paper. Thoughts I didn’t even know I was thinking, making their way to the physical world.

I am in awe, really. And ponder what might become of me if I stop. If I don’t continue on. If I resist.

I can see that future, too. I see misery. And wishing. And the human side. The flawed side. The imperfectness of life here.

Now, the humanness is not bad in and of itself. It’s how we choose to live this life. It’s how we choose to show up in this world. It’s who we choose to be. If I continue to resist my calling, what will become of me?

Dying broke and unfulfilled

I’ll tell you — I will be a grumpy, unfulfilled old lady that regrets never trying. Regrets never stepping outside of her comfort zone. Never getting ahead. Dying broke and unfulfilled.

My fulfillment comes by following my guides. My intuition. My inspiration. Doing what I was put on this planet to do. And that is to inspire change. Ignite the passion that lives in your soul. Create something that will allow and give you permission to see things differently. To tap into your own power. So you can see just how magnificent and glorious you are.

The way I see you.

The way God sees you.

Perfectly imperfect.

Not to strive for perfection by the definition of others, but to strive for your perfect reality.

The one where you can sit back, look around and you KNOW, deep down in your soul, that you are living your purpose.

Life becomes easy

You are following your calling. And life — life becomes easy.

Life beings to flow.

Life becomes your calling.

Life becomes a place you never want to escape from.

Instead, you want to escape TO IT.

Because you no longer resist it.

Imagine… waking up every day knowing you’re living your purpose. That you don’t wake up for anyone else. Well, except maybe your kids. But that is also your choice. You chose that life. You chose to fill your world with those smiling little faces. The ones that light up the world.

No, I’m talking about the resistance you feel TO LIFE because your life doesn’t light you up. I’m talking about being so lost in society’s rules that you’ve compromised all of yours.

Because you don’t know.

You’ve never explored your inner truth. You’ve never pulled off the mask to see what you look like underneath. Behind all the walls you built to protect yourself.

Are you opening up fully to your partner? Your friends? Your own family?


You live in a word that you created to protect yourself. But is that world true to you?

Or does it keep you safe?

Denying the world the real you. The truth of you.

There is power in standing in your truth. In taking a stand for you. The beautiful powerful creative that you are. It’s time for you love!

Just like it’s time for me. It’s time for us. To shed the bullshit lies that told us we could never be who we really are. That being yourself is bad. That we need to look/act/feel/believe a certain way.

Society drills that into us. Conditions us. Shapes us into falling in line. Remaining the status quo. Never to cause reaction. Never to make waves. Never to rock the boat.

And never to evolve.

Well, it’s time love. It’s time for you to evolve. Me to evolve. Us to evolve. Together.

I stand with you as you start to see things differently.

I stand with you as you start to open your eyes.

I stand with you as you step out of the shadows.

I stand with you as your light shines from within.

I stand with you as you step into your power.

I stand with you as the universe conspires to re-create and co-create your new life.

Because I now have seen the other side of this beautiful life — and I can’t bear to leave you behind.

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