My Favorite 4-Letter Word

How many 4-letter words are flying thru your mind right now?

No, I’m not talking profanity here. I’m talking about a message.  A message that I am meant to share. A message that enables and empowers people all around the world.

My favorite 4-letter word is hope. Yes… HOPE!

This small, short word is my saving grace. It is what has gotten me through the hard times. The times I thought I would never be able to see through. The moments of darkness I’ve been stuck in. The moments when I thought there was no way out.

I have seen the deepest darkest places in my mind. I have hidden in the shadows. I have diminished myself to allow others to shine in their glory. I have backed down when I believed another should be able to rise up. I have stepped out-of-the-way and allowed my own dreams to be diminished.

There are 2 ways to view this. Either I am someone who helps others excel or someone who is too afraid of her own power. Her own greatness. Someone who is too afraid to succeed. And too afraid to step out of the shadows and be the one to step into glory.

I was the one who let her own light diminish believing that if I allowed this person to be great, I would be carried right along. That that I would be appreciated for helping.

Unfortunately, that has not been the case. I have been the one to be left behind. To be taken advantage of. To be the scapegoat. To be left feeling miserable and broken once again.

A vicious cycle. A pattern I have been through time and time again. Never being encouraged. Always seeking out the truth and never finding it. Getting sucked into the drama of everyone else’s lives and never actually dealing with my own.

I can give great advice and I can help others see their way through, but I have not been able to do that for myself.

Until now.

I finally have the strength to step out on my own. I have the courage to face my fears head on. I have the determination to move the mountains I have created.

I have always known that this journey is mine and mine alone; what I didn’t realize is that I needed to hold my own hand. I’ve learned how to do that. I now have hope for a better way.

Your journey is what you make of it. Hope will carry you through everything as it has me.

I have not always traveled the easy road. In fact, I chose the hard road. I chose to self-sabotage at every turn.

Subconsciously? Sure, but it was still a choice I made. When things would be going good and then 1 thing wouldn’t go my way, I turned into a toddler. Throwing a tantrum and wreaking havoc at every turn.

As a teen, I was literally out of control… in and out of jail, on and off the streets, lacking any sort of discipline and direction.

I carried this through my twenties and almost into my thirties. Today I thank God I am on a new path.

And it all started with HOPE. That little 4 letter word I have come to adore.

Hope for a better life. Hope for a better way. Hope that it’s not too late. Hope that I have enough time to carry out my soul’s mission. To see the other side of fear. To embrace the changes that are required to move through the hard times. Hope that the process I am going through is meant for the highest good and that I actually have nothing to fear at all.

To see the other side of fear. To embrace the changes that are required to move through the hard times. Hope that the process I am going through is meant for the highest good and that I actually have nothing to fear at all.

I know there is a better way. I see it all around me.

I see it in the smiling faces of my children. I see it in the incredible empowerment groups that I am in.

As soon as I DECIDED that I wasn’t going to live in fear anymore, I suddenly found myself surrounded by these powerful women who don’t live in fear. They live these grand lives and they are happy. And I don’t mean grand in the sense that they are extravagant.

I’m talking in the sense that they are good with life. That they embrace all that surrounds them. They find the good in everything. They are at peace.

That is what I want! That is what I crave! Peace. Joy. Happiness. All the good feels.

And that all comes from hope. A simple 4 letter word that carries so much power and promise!

Hope has seen me through my darkest days.  Hope has helped me to repair relationships that I never thought I could. Hope has allowed me to see that there is another way.

Hope. A simple 4 letter words that carries with it the power of the world.

Hope empowers people to do good with their gifts. Hope spreads the message that everything will be okay.

Hold onto hope. In your darkest moments. When you see no light. When you are surrounded by darkness. When you have been brought to your knees. Feel the pain. Allow the pain to sit for just a moment. Move through the pain. And in an instant, it will pass. It always does. On the other side of that, you will feel a cleansing. Every bad feeling will wash away. And what you are left with is HOPE. Tomorrow will come. You are renewed.  The sun will rise.

You will still need to get out of bed, but now you have hope to carry you through the day.

And when those bad feelings want to creep back in, come back to this moment. Remember this feeling. Remember that you can call upon hope whenever you need it. It is always there. Like a guiding light, it is always there. Always.

Hope holds no judgments of your past or present. Hope will hold you. Comfort you. Love on you.

Hope. In my darkest days, hope carried me through. I am here now, on the other side to share this message with you.

The love and light I now have in my heart is meant to be shared.

It is my hope that one day, you will share your experience of hope with those who are waiting to hear your story as you were meant to hear mine.

You are infinitely loved and nothing can take away your hope. It is yours. It was placed in your heart for a reason. Only you have the power to do what you will with it.

Xo Amy

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