Mission of Healing

Mission of Healing

For 20 years I believed it had to be hard.

For 20 years I believed I was just dealt a shitty hand.

For 20 years I blamed every person and every circumstance and every event for leading me down the darkest paths.

And for 20 years, I just accepted it.

I was sent the same lessons over and over and over and over again until I had finally had enough.

And this year I decided – I decided to finally let go. Just give it all up. To surrender. To release.

To strip away all that I had built around me – the walls, the masks, the facade – that I thought were keeping me safe. That I thought was protecting me

That was, in fact, allowing me to hide from the truth. My truth.

It kept me small because I didn’t believe I was worthy enough to live my truth. I didn’t believe that I would ever be supported in it.

Because blow after blow after blow weakens you.


If you flip it and allow yourself to see the truth behind it. You begin to understand the strength that allows you to rise from the ashes.

The strength that allows you to step into your truth.

The strength that allows you to understand you HAD to have those experiences IN ORDER for you to step into your truth.

To understand what you are meant to do in this lifetime.

And for me, that truth is healing.

Healing has become my natural state of being.

Healing every single story of my past. Healing every raw emotion and every event that once crushed me under the pressure of it all.

Healing and forgiving every single person that ever made me feel like I wasn’t worthy of a life I dreamed about.

Forgiving myself for allowing it all to consume me.

And now I am here to help you do the same.

You see, my whole life was a lesson that was bringing me here. Right here. To this moment. Speaking to your heart. Speaking to your soul.

I understand this now.

I HAVE to help you heal.

My mission. My purpose. Here on this earth. Here in this lifetime.

Is to provide you a space, a safe space, for you to strip away all that is protecting you. To allow you to get raw and vulnerable so that you can start healing too.

So that you can begin to understand that there really IS more to this life than you know.

You feel it. You always have.

You just don’t know how to get there. I get that. I understand that.

I was you. I AM you.

We are the same. Our souls know.

That is why you are still here, reading this. Now. Because you do know. And you desire more.

Because you were… you ARE, meant for more. And you are ready to receive more.

And all you gotta do is release.

Trust. Know. You are safe.

And you don’t have to do it alone.

I love you.

From my soul to yours,

xo, Amy

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