Heal Your Shit Like A Boss Masterclass

Heal Your Shit Like A Boss Masterclass

  • Have you been feeling like there has to be more to this life and you’re just not sure how to get there?
  • Have you started your healing journey and just need some extra support?
  • Does no one else in your life understand you?
  • You know you were meant for more but there is something holding you back and you can’t quite figure out what that is?
  • Are you feeling some resistance around stepping into and owning your power?
  • Feel like you’re running around in manifesting circles?
  • And can’t figure out why what you’re asking for isn’t showing up?

I’m here for you, love!

In this brand new Heal Your Shit Like A Boss Masterclass, we dive really super deep into your history, heal and release the stories of your past, write new stories and end with a beautiful, cleansing and healing Reiki-infused meditation.

  • We’ll go over how to know and decide on what needs healing now, the most. In order to move you forward in your goals confidently.
  • We’ll talk about mindset and how to really get into the space where healing becomes a necessity, like the air you breathe and the water you need to drink.
  • I give you powerful journaling prompts that will help you go deeper and really pull what needs to be healed from your core. So you can receive healing on that soul level.
  • Release… how to fully surrender to the release so that your whole being shifts and you’re able to tell a new story around it.
  • Really being able to honor the release and trust that you are always being guided and that even though something may come up later on around this, because there are always layers to healing… you’ll learn how to be gentle on yourself and allow yourself room to observe, process and then release the next layer.
  • Writing affirmations that will keep you moving in the direction of healing
  • How to incorporate self-care into your daily practice and what that can look like for you


  • Reiki-infused guided mediation that will help to clear blocks and allow you to release with ease
  • A gorgeous workbook for you to keep and use over and over again to continue your healing journey
  • Private FB group for added support during your healing journey
  • Lifetime access to the Heal Your Shit Like A Boss Masterclass replay
  • FREE access to ALL future Heal Your Shit Like A Boss Masterclasses

Investment: On sale thru 12/4 for just $44

Regular price: $55 USD

Heal Your Shit Like A Boss Workbook

This workbook was designed to be a supplement to the Heal Your Shit Like A Boss Masterclass, however, it can be used on it’s own.
I have included powerful journaling prompts and space for you to write and make notes.
It is your commitment to doing the work that will move you forward in your healing journey and I commit to holding space for you and your healing.

Investment: On sale thru 12/4 for just $17

Regular price: $22 USD

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