The Empath Rising

The Empath Rising

I am an empath.

I am a lightworker.

There has always been a calling in my soul that I never really quite understood.

My anxieties, my fears and the way I coped with the world were not “normal” because I could never understand the gifts that I had been given and I never allowed my gifts to develop.

I silenced them with alcohol, drugs, and unhealthy relationships.

My soul was lost because my human body and mind didn’t know how to process what was going on inside.

And there was no one to guide me or help me navigate this part of me.

This part of who I am.

Who I’ve always been.

I have always been sensitive to the thoughts, feelings and emotions of others.

I took on other’s pain and problems as my own, never really knowing how to differentiate myself from them.

Only believing that I could somehow save or fix or heal — but I didn’t have the tools.

I didn’t know how.

I just knew that I could if they would let me.

But I never did.

Because I couldn’t do that for another person when it’s not what they wanted.

And with all the traumas I had been through, I was even more clouded and confused as I transitioned into adulthood.

Now that I’m in my 30’s and I’ve cleared my mind, my body and my soul of the toxins, it is so fucking clear to me now!

I know what my purpose is.

And I know how to develop the tools I need to be able to use my powers and my gifts for good and healing in a healthy way.

That will serve the highest good. That will serve the world.

I am coming out of my woo closet and stepping onto the path that my soul was always destined for before descending into this earthly body.

This vessel.

To spread my message of love. Of hope.

To guide others just like me… lost in their own sea of confusion and not understanding what their gifts are meant for. Or what they mean. Or what to do with them.

To guide them out of the darkness.

To guide you, mama, to stepping into your true calling.

To tell you that you are not alone.

I see you.

I understand you.

You do not need to fear this gift.

You are stronger than you believe yourself to be.

You are not broken.

You, mama, you are an empath too.

And it is time for us to rise.

This is our time to shine, love.

Everyone else sees that light inside of you.

Inside of us.

And it’s time, mama.

It’s time you saw it too.

Look mama, you are so much more than who you are.

You were placed here on this planet for a reason.

A reason greater than you know.

A reason greater than yourself.

I know you feel it. I know you know it. I know you don’t understand it.

And that’s okay. You don’t need to right now.

All you need to know is that someone understands.

I understand.

And I am here.

I am holding space for you.

I am waiting.

When you are ready, mama. When that calling, when that desire becomes stronger than you. When it calls out. When your heart cries out for more.

To find meaning. To discover and uncover what that nudge is. What that pull is.

Why no matter what you do or what you try is never enough.

I am here.

I am ready.

I am waiting to help you step fully into your knowing.

Because you already know.

And right now, you are afraid of what that might mean.

It’s okay, mama.

You don’t need to be afraid anymore.

There is nothing to fear. You will see.

Be gentle. Be kind. Be loving.

You are worth it.

You are worth waiting for.

You are worthy of exploring the possibility.

Of observing what could be.

Let’s take a look. Together. Just a peek. Be curious. You never know.

This could be the greatest thing you discover about yourself.

I love you, mama.

My heart is open, take my hand. We’ll be curious together, like our children.


You are not alone.

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