Decide to Decide

Decide to Decide

Are you a procrastinator or a just-fucking-do-it-er?

Seriously, I’m curious (drop it in the comments👇🏼)

I have to admit that most all of my life I’ve been a procrastinator… and you can always count on me to be late 🙈

Not that I like to be either of those, that’s just the way it goes sometimes, right?

Or no?

I mean, once you learn to act a certain way you become a certain way and you live life in that certain way.

But what if there were another way to do life?

Like… if you don’t want to be a procrastinator anymore, what would you need to start doing today to change that?

If you don’t want to be late to everything, what could you start doing today to change that?

Or would you just fall back into your old pattern of procrastinating and just be fucking late to everything? 🤔

I have def experienced all of the above 🤷🏻‍♀️

It takes work

What I’ve learned is that it takes work. When you’ve been conditioned your whole life like this, it’s hard to change!

It might feel impossible
Or uncomfortable
Or bed just feels too damn good to get out of
Or you’re too depressed to face the world
Or facing the world gives you anxiety
Or a million other diff excuses you’ve been telling yourself as to why you can’t change

Sooo… what’s a procrastinator to do?

The answer is so fucking simple!

And when it finally clicked for me, I started questioning how I was showing up in my own life

And if that’s how I wanted to be

If that’s what I wanted to pass on to my children

If that’s the example I wanted to be to others

How I was showing up in the world

If I was really okay with the world seeing me in this way

And then I took a step out

A step away
I took a good hard look at myself
From the outside looking in

And then I did it… I made a decision.

I chose to…


I DECIDED I didn’t want to be that way anymore
I DECIDED I didn’t want to be a procrastinator
I DECIDED I wouldn’t be late (to everything 🤷🏻‍♀️)

Cause that’s what life is right? Just a series of decisions that we GET to make all day every day.

We have the right to choose how we live day in and day out.

We have the ability to be someone new
A better version
Like… giving yourself an UPGRADE
To life

So I try not to procrastinate anymore.

I try to be conscious of the choices I’m making instead of operating on autopilot.

I’m working on becoming a better version of myself everyday.

And you know what? It feels…


Now I’m not perfect, I still put shit off. I’ll probably still be late to my own funeral… which I really don’t mind so much cause that means I’m still alive and kicking! 😂

But I’m getting better. I strategize my procrastinating… like doing the things that will end up giving me anxiety if I put them off right away.

Cause then I don’t have to think about it anymore and I’ve created space in my head to think about other things I can put off… like taking a shower #momproblems

And just “making the decision” can be used for any other area of your life you want to change.

Like improving your health
Losing the weight
Finishing that project
Making the bed
Waking up on time
Tidying the house
Spring cleaning
Finally having that garage sale
Making the appointment
Paying the bill
(Insert whatever you’ve been putting off here)
And the list goes on and on

And it really is that simple!

DECIDE to finally just DO the thing and you’ll feel such a huge sense of relief. I promise.

So go out… get it done, get it over with and then come back and let me know so I can crazy celebrate that WIN with you!!

Love you gorgeous! You got this 😉

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