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We Rise As One

We Rise As One

Meditations ground me

My morning meditations have become such a grounding experience for me. It’s the only time in my day I can be fully present with myself and focus on my own needs, solely and completely.

Before the sun, I rise around 4:00 am. Not because I have to, but because I choose to. It is the gift I give to myself on a daily basis which then allows me to be more present and calm throughout the day.

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Through My Grown Up Eyes

Through My Grown Up Eyes

Looking at life through my grown up eyes

Communication has been on my heart these last couple of days. As I venture into the stories of my past, into my history, to see where the work needs to be done.

The healing. The observing. Looking at my life through my grown up eyes. I see the patterns and I see the way things unfolded for me.

And communication, or lack thereof, is what stands out the most. And I realize I have some forgiving to do, of myself and of my family.

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Breaking The Cycle

Breaking The Cycle

My biggest fear has been shot down

My biggest fear has been shot down, kicked in the teeth, burned to ash and buried in a deep dark cave that will never see the light of day again.

Okay, maybe that was a little morbid for a pic like this?

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