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Faith Will Get You Through


In a world of men and chaos, us women are the ones who need to rise above and honor our true selves.

We are here to uplift and empower, not tear down and trample over each other.

For many of us, this is in our hearts. This is in our souls.

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She Is Her Own Light

She Is Her Own Light

I have been guided to go in.

To go DEEP within to see what could be. To explore once more, the events of my childhood. To look at them in a new light.

Another observation of another layer, because that’s what this process is – a process.

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Stop The Blame Game



And I say this in the most loving way possible, promise.

Look… we’ve all been wronged. We’ve all been talked down to. We’ve all been picked on at one point or another – whether it was by a friend, a sibling, a parent, your weird uncle, the cousin that looks at you funny, the bully that lived down the street, the mean girls, the privileged guys, who the fuck ever!

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Mission of Healing

Mission of Healing

For 20 years I believed it had to be hard.

For 20 years I believed I was just dealt a shitty hand.

For 20 years I blamed every person and every circumstance and every event for leading me down the darkest paths.

And for 20 years, I just accepted it.

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To Receive We Must Learn To Release

To Receive We Must Learn To Release

There is so much I want to learn about.

Things I have always been so interested in, but never felt safe to explore.

Ahhh.. safe. I have never felt safe to explore the desires of my heart. My calling.

I have always been so afraid of what others would think. How I would make them feel. That I would be cast out and rejected because it didn’t fit in with what they believed in.

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Breathe Into Your Own Understanding

Breath Into Your Own Understanding

Everything happens in the most divine time and in the most divine way… this is the current mantra of my life.

We have no control on how things happen, we just need to trust that it always does, it always will and it will always be for our highest good.

Today my message is Healing.

My message is that it’s possible to move through and move past all of the bullshit that holds us back from our greatness. That holds us back from knowing who we really are at our core.

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We Rise As One

We Rise As One

Meditations ground me

My morning meditations have become such a grounding experience for me. It’s the only time in my day I can be fully present with myself and focus on my own needs, solely and completely.

Before the sun, I rise around 4:00 am. Not because I have to, but because I choose to. It is the gift I give to myself on a daily basis which then allows me to be more present and calm throughout the day.

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The Shift In My Consciousness

The Shift In My Consciousness

I have changed.

On a subconscious level, I have changed.

There has been a shift in my knowing and I trust the process.

Even though my ego is screaming at me that this couldn’t possibly have worked.

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A Key In Plain View

A Key In Plain View

Following your heart

isn’t always an easy thing to do. Especially when you’ve been conditioned for most of your life to do the practical.

Go to school. Get the job. Meet the partner. Have the family. Die.

But what if that’s not your path?

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The Empath Rising

The Empath Rising

I am an empath.

I am a lightworker.

There has always been a calling in my soul that I never really quite understood.

My anxieties, my fears and the way I coped with the world were not “normal” because I could never understand the gifts that I had been given and I never allowed my gifts to develop.

I silenced them with alcohol, drugs, and unhealthy relationships.

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