But It’s Comfortable Here

 But It's Comfortable Here

But It’s Comfortable Here

Have you ever felt like you were just floating through life? Without real purpose or drive? Yeah… me too.

We all go through seasons of change. Some have more significance than others, but all of them are important to our growth and further understanding of ourselves. Our true selves. Ourselves that reside in our soul, the core of who we are.

We must learn to embrace and accept these changes so that we vibrate on a higher level, which in turn allows us to move forward in our lives.

We’re not meant to be stuck

We are not meant to be stuck and stagnant in the same place. We are meant to learn from yesterday to be present today and move effortlessly into our futures.

We all have a destiny and a path we are meant to follow. We are all meant for greatness, but not all of us take that leap into the unknown because we are stuck in this “reality” of what we THINK we are supposed to be.

I have been guilty of this so many times. Surrounding myself with people who weren’t healthy for me. Engaging in questionable activities. Being okay with everyone else’s plan instead of doing what was in my heart and listening to my own intuitions.

Letting life happen

Just letting life happen to me instead of getting out there and creating a life I could be proud of.

Believing every step of the way I was living spontaneously and free to do whatever the hell I wanted.

But I was fucking lying to myself. I had no direction and no plan. I was hiding.

I was hiding from myself. I was hiding from growth. I was hiding from the work that I had started so many times before and quit when it got too hard… when I had to feel too many emotions.

I didn’t want to face my demons. There were too many and they scared the shit out of me.

But I had to do something. I was spiraling out of control, into the abyss, and I just wanted it all to stop.

The first step

The first step was taking a good hard look in the mirror and facing the person I had become. I mean really face her. I had to strip away the layers of protection I had blanketed her with over the years. I had to uncover the raw emotion that she had spent so much time carefully tucking away so she wouldn’t feel anymore. The walls were built so high and so thick that no one could penetrate them.

I knew deep down I had an unstoppable strength. I had seen and felt it many times throughout my life, in the midst of chaos and all my hardships. But I never knew how to harness it and use it for its rightful purpose. I allowed it to sit dormant because that was comfortable.

Kick comfort to the curb

Now I’m tired of being comfortable. I’m tired of just accepting life by society’s standards. I am meant for more. I am meant for greatness and I am meant to shine. Just like you. YOU are meant to shine.

I am here today, writing this to get more in touch with my true self. And possibly spark inspiration in you so that you may be able to release yourself from whatever is holding you back.

Every day I am learning who Amy is without the filters. Without the walls. Without the shield. Leaving the chaos behind and releasing myself from the bondage that I alone created.

I am learning who I want to be and how I want to show up in the world.

I am on a journey that will never end.

A Journey to Zen AF.

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