A Passion Reborn


It’s actually quite interesting to look back now.

And I laugh a little because I used to collect rocks, the most beautiful ones I could find.

Anywhere and everywhere… beaches, rock beds, along the road. And I would keep them safe. Treasure them.

And that passion has come back to life as I dive into the world of crystals.

Beautiful stones that carry the vibration of the earth.
That creates a oneness in my soul.
That creates a connection with my earthly being and my spiritual self.
That raises my frequency and my vibration.

And helps me to connect with that small child, my inner child. As we explore this world together with an open heart and an open mind and the same curiosity coursing through our veins.

I have discovered my calling, knowing it all along but never understanding what it meant.

A desire to help, to heal, no longer using the word “fix” as I used to.

Helping to facilitate growth and understanding.

To share my gift of compassion and truth.

That no matter what your story was up until now, up until today, you have a choice.

You are ready to decide. Will you continue on in the way you always have?

Or will you choose to see a new way. Another way.

A life so beautiful and full and free, filled with peace and passion and love.

Just walk with me for a moment. Don’t just hear, but feel my words.

Feel the emotion behind them. Connect with your soul. Now listen to you, your heart. What is it saying to you?

Can’t hear it yet?

That’s okay…. just breathe, my love.

She is trying to come through.

Open your mind a little bit more. Focus on your breath, release the tension in your forehead, relax your shoulders.

There… There she is.

That faint whisper. Tune in a little bit more.

Now- what is she saying to you?

That, my love, that is your truth.

And it is your job to honor it.

Even though it may not make any sense right now, that’s okay, we’ll get you there.

We will bring you to full understanding of who you are in this world, what you were meant to do and bring that purpose up and out of you.

Learn to trust in yourself, that is your job right now.

Just learn to trust in yourself and that faint voice, that is your soul speaking to you.

Your soul will never lead you astray.

I love you.

From my soul to yours,

xo, Amy

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