Hello Gorgeous and welcome!

My name is Amy Fahim and I’m a Radical Change Mentor and certified Reiki/Crystal Reiki Master. It is my passion to lead women through the process of healing both energetically and emotionally so they can re-write the stories of their past and step fully into and owning their power NOW!

I was called to share my story and personal journey to spark inspiration in your soul. Let’s face it… you were meant to shine, love!

After years of battling depression, anxiety, addictions, emotional self-sabotage and well… just not facing life in general, I was able to find hope in my storming sea of darkness. I am no longer ashamed of my past and who I used to be, all of my life experiences have helped to shape the woman I am today…

I am a warrior. And today, I am free.

I am honored that you’re here and I look forward to serving you!

xo, Amy